Over $285,000 Raised for SCTP & SASP Teams Through Reload For 2022 Campaign

The final results of the Reload for 2022 campaign are in! We are pleased to have another incredibly successful campaign, which signals strength of  support and health of youth shooting sports as a whole. By utilizing far reaching networks, teams throughout the country have set themselves up for success during this current season and for years to come. Participation in the annual Reload campaign is an incredible opportunity that uses multiple mechanisms such as the MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment accounts to compound donations down the line. 

Final Campaign Results

Final Bonus Competition Leaders

This year we saw record-breaking numbers in the bonus races that show the power of tapping into your networks for a huge advantage. Our Total Donation winners, Rio Salado Target Terminators added over $20,000 to their 2021 efforts, netting them a bonus $10,000 to their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment account. Last year's winners, Williams County Target Busters also improved their totals from last year by over $10,000. 

Our Unique Donors competition saw teams move the benchmark of what is possible for fundraising through your team's network. Congratulations to our winners, the Greenville Hurricanes who collected fundraising donations from 366 unique donors, nearly tripling last year's record. Our 2nd place team is the Rio Salado Target Terminators who doubled their previous year's efforts and then some!

The teams listed above in each bonus competition will be awarded team endowment funding to their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment account as follows:
1st Place -$10,000
2nd Place- $8,000
3rd Place- $5,000
4th Place- $3,000
5th Place- $2,500
6th Place- $1,500
Congratulations to our bonus funding winners and all teams who participated in this monumental fundraising campaign. Your efforts will have a positive effect on your 2021-2022 season and continue to provide benefits well into your team's future.The incredible willingness to support SCTP and SASP teams bodes well for the future of youth shooting sports all over the nation.

Over $600K To Benefit Youth Shooting Sports Teams Through Reload For 2021 Campaign

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation‘s (SSSF) Reload For 2021 campaign raised $311,657, thanks to participating teams and donors! To date, this is the SSSF's most successful fundraising campaign, with funds benefiting teams totaling over $600,000! The Reload For 2021 campaign provides immediate funds teams can use for the 2021 shooting season AND provides funds to their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment account to benefit teams FOREVER.

Total impact for the campaign amounts to just over $155,000 in cash grants going to SCTP and SASP teams, and over $366,000 being donated by SSSF to the participating team’s MidwayUSA Foundation endowment accounts! Funds that are MidwayUSA Foundation Match Eligible totaled over $78,000.

Congratulations to the teams that worked hard to compete in our team endowment bonus fund competitions of most dollars raised and most unique donors. The SSSF awarded an additional $60,000 pool of funding to teams claiming those accolades in places 1st through 6th, with those funds being allocated to team endowment accounts held at the MidwayUSA Foundation.

Final team standings for each competition:

Reload For 2021- $100K For December

We are excited to announce additional match funding for SSSF's Reload For 2021 campaign! All donations received in the month of December will receive extra match funding from SSSF!

SSSF will provide a pool of $100,000 in match funding for the entire month of December. The ratio of that match will vary based on the number of total contribution dollars received in December for the campaign. For example, if SSSF receives $100,000 in donations in December, all donations will be matched 1:1.If SSSF receives $50,000 in donations for the month of December, all donations will be matched 2:1, etc.

This special SSSF December match will be directed to your team endowment account at the MidwayUSA Foundation. Also, keep in mind that 25% of each donation your team receives will be sent to the MidwayUSA Foundation where it will be matched under the current MidwayUSA Foundation matching program. See our official campaign page for details.  

SSSF Donates Over $450,000 To Youth Shooting Sports Teams

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) recently donated $451,258.50 to Team Endowment Accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation, providing assistance for youth shooting sports expenses. Teams earned funds by raising money through the SSSF’s Reload For 2021 campaign and the SSSF Member Matching Program. Teams purchasing ATA and or NSSA/NSCA memberships through the SCTP also had deposits made to their accounts.

So far, this year's donations have benefited 339 teams participating in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) and Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), participating throughout 37 different states. The growth of youth shooting sports is apparent, as the number of benefiting teams has increased nearly four-fold since 2018. To date, the SSSF has donated over $6.9 million to SCTP and SASP team endowment accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation.

SSSF MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment Account Donation Summary


Please contact the SSSF for more information on how your shooting team can earn team endowment funding for their account at the MidwayUSA Foundation.

The Team Endowment Program at the MidwayUSA Foundation gives a community the ability to financially support a competitive youth shooting sports program or financially assist in the start-up of a new youth shooting sports program. The team can then request a grant of up to 5% of their endowment account balance once each year, in either December or June, to pay for team expenses. For more information about how the MidwayUSA Foundation is changing the future of youth shooting sports, please visit midwayusafoundation.org or call 1-877-375-4570.

Use Amazon Smile For A Simple Donation To Youth Shooting Sports

Did you know that nearly $2,000 has been donated to the SSSF through AmazonSmile? When online shopping on Amazon, please consider using selecting the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation as your charity of choice!

Our supporters have selected the SSSF as their Amazon Smile Charity and continued online shopping as they normally do, with most purchases qualifying for a portion to be donated. Thank you to our community and even some of our sponsors, like America's Gunsmith Shop for selecting the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation as their AmazonSmile charity!

Here's how to shop AmazonSmile:

Simply shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/20-8484121


1. Visit smile.amazon.com

2. Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials

3. Search for and select the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Inc as your charity of choice4. Start shopping!

5. Add a bookmark for smile.amazon.com to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile

SSSF Fruit Fundraiser

Hello SCTP & SASP Coaches and Teams!

The National office in conjunction with Florida Indian River Groves have put together the ultimate fundraising opportunity for you and your teams! Who doesn’t want fresh fruit especially when they can help your team raise much needed funds for this upcoming season?!

This opportunity is a no contact, no face to face, no door knocking way to help and support your team by just emailing friends, family and neighbors! 10% of all sales will come back directly to your team in the form of a check after the December 1st deadline for Christmas delivery.

The SCTP and SASP will furnish a list of prizes and places very shortly, so take the time now to register your team at the link below and we will handle the rest! Once your team is registered, it will take approximately 48-72 hours and you will be on your way to forwarding the link and website for supporters to place orders and help your team with funding!

Coaches, once you have registered your team, you will be able to set up your athletes and track their progress and total sales volume related to each athlete (salesperson)…..you can put up individual prizes and contests for your athletes as well!

We would like to thank Florida Indian River Groves for their support and help in providing this awesome

Opportunity to our teams, athletes and families!

Best of luck,

Your SCTP and SASP National Directors


To view a sample website, which shows available varieties, selling prices, etc., coaches may use this link:

(Note: This is NOT to be distributed by your membership or used for ordering. Each team will receive their very own, fully customized website, with a different link for online ordering.)

Sample Link: https://www.floridaindianrivergroves.com/ecommerce/1020824

Order Deadlines Are As Follows:

For Guaranteed Delivery Prior To:Orders Must Be Placed Online By:
Thanksgiving (November 26, 2020)Friday, October 30, 2020
Christmas (December 25, 2020)Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Reload For 2021 Campaign

In 2016 the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation launched a campaign entitled, “VISION 20/20” with the goal to grow national youth participation in the Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program to over 20,000 student-athletes annually by the year 2020.


  1. Complete and return the Reload For 2021 Agreement and W-9.
  2. Open your team endowment account at the MidwayUSA Foundation if you have not done so already.
  3. Raise funds however your team deems most effective. This could include sending in funds from current or previous local fundraising efforts, soliciting donations with an email invitation via your team network of coaches and parents, asking local donors and/or advertising on social media.
  4. Submit donations to SSSF either securely online or via the print-and-mail form prior to January 1, 2021. Be sure to include your SSSF team ID on ALL donations so the donations can be allocated correctly. SSSF will provide you with periodic updates about donations received for your team.

Bonus Funding Opportunity
All teams participating in the Reload For 2021 campaign will have the opportunity to win BONUS team endowment funds! There are two competitions taking place:

  1. Teams with the most dollars raised.
  2. Teams with the most unique donors making donations via the SSSF website or print and mail form. Minimum donation is $20 to be counted as a unique donor.

For each competition, teams will be awarded team endowment funding to their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment account as follows:

  1. $10,000
  2. $8,000
  3. $5,000
  4. $3,000
  5. $2,500
  6. $1,500


SSSF Seeks Information Technology Support Manager

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is seeking a highly motivated individual to assume the role of Information Technology Support Manager.  The successful candidate will have a broad background in IT support and be responsible for all aspects of information technology support for SSSF and its members.

The successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of information technology (IT) support for the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program. The successful candidate will play the lead role in supporting the organizations’ information technology needs.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Management of the helpdesk system to support and provide excellent customer service to SSSF program members
  • Working with diverse groups including SSSF/SCTP/SASP management, customers, partners, contractors and other stakeholders to provide support and enhancement of SSSF IT systems
  • Managing all aspects of SSSF internal IT and IT assets
  • Coordinating IT system training for staff members and customers in a remote environment
  • Creating and delivering support documentation, end-user tutorials, videos, etc.
  • Creating and delivering comprehensive testing and implementation plans for new software and/or enhancements
  • Ordering IT hardware, maintaining IT software subscriptions and related support for SSSF staff
  • Planning and executing both internal and end-user training Interacting with management, staff, membership, contractors and others to execute job duties
  • Constantly monitoring and evaluating technology trends and developments
  • Some on-call and weekend work will be required

Download complete position description and how to apply here…

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