2024 All Scholastic Team

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 All Scholastic Team. The All Scholastic Team recognizes achievements of student athletes in the shooting sports for their accomplishments in the classroom, in their communities and on the range.

Team members are featured in the National Championship program book, are listed on the All Scholastic Team banner at the 2024 National Championships and are presented with a certificate and pin. Coaches will collect all certificates and pins for their team upon registering at the Central Events Building at Nationals.


Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Awards $30,000 In Scholarships to Youth Athletes

As part of its commitment to youth development and advancement of its members, the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) announces the recipients of the newly established SSSF BRUNO BUTTI & MAE (DOMENICA CARERI) BUTTI SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Recipients are youth shooting sports athletes of the SSSF's Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program. Each recipient has been awarded $3000 each thanks to the incredible generosity of theButtifamily.

Scholarship Recipients:
T. Schatzle, OH of the Ohio Steel Stingers
A. Meggers, IA of the Steel Shooters of Traer
A. Villafranca, TX of the South Texas Shooters
C. Hurda, WI of the Boone-Hartford Hotshots
D. Simpson, OH of Two 2 Shoot
T. Thorson, WI of the Boyceville Bulldogs
C. Mason, TX of the Aledo Clay Busters
E. Huddleston, TN of Zion Shooting Sports
M. Bush, NY of the Finger Lakes
N. Crow, OH of Williamsburg
Since 2013, the SSSF has awarded over $818,000 in scholarship funds benefiting over 900 student athletes. To become a supporter of youth shooting sports athletes, please visit the SSSF: 

2024 All Scholastic Team Application Period Open

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is proud to invite all qualified 2024 Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) athletes to apply for the SSSF All Scholastic Team. The All Scholastic Team recognizes achievements of student athletes in the shooting sports for their accomplishments in the classroom, in their communities and on the range. Eligible athletes of all ages are invited to apply.

How a Junior Athlete Joined Team Ruger

"At the time I was coaching trap so I said well, I'll just make her a trap shooter like the rest of them and keep this easy... she had other plans. She's always had the frame of mind that she didn't want to do what everybody else does. So soccer and other ball sports were out of the question. I said okay, you don't like shotguns let's go shoot some pistols and that was that!"

-Dave Jackley, Abby's father and Wilmot Panthers Head Coach

How did you get started in the shooting sports?

"I got started through my parents. My dad has been a trap coach as long as I can remember. He coached my brothers when they shot trap and I tried it out when I was in sixth grade and I honestly hated it. I was bored out of my mind! I shot it for a year and I just didn't quite like it but my dad mentioned that one of the other coaches knew of the pistol team through the same high school. He didn't know much about it so we both went I tried it out. At first he was just a parent helping out, being there with me. I started shooting that a bunch and then now he's the head coach of our team!

I was Team Captain my senior year of high school and during that time I took the SASP coaches course with my parents. I now help out with all the rookies and anyone first starting out, especially left-handed shooters. I'm left-handed so they all end up asking me because no one knows how to help out a left-handed shooter!"

Tell us how you joined Team Ruger at such a young age!

"It was about 2 years ago when Rick Leach introduced me to Paul Pluff with Ruger at Nationals. He really liked the way I shot and I just got talking with him. We tried out some of his guns at the Ruger booth at Nationals and he said he would love to expand our connections and work with you on our Pro Staff. Once I turned 18, I joined team Ruger and was joined by two other athletes, Kaleb Klein and Connor Knapp. So we all joined together as "Junior Team Ruger". It was really a different experience I never would have seen if I asked myself when I first started shooting SASP. I never would have believed being on a Pro Staff team, especially for a company like Ruger."

Tell us what its like being an athlete in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program?

"Getting started in the SASP program, finding a local team I think is really something great. I think it's a great program to get started in and it's a great way to learn basic handling skills of pistols and rifles. The team is kids that maybe they go to school with and even if they don't know anyone, it's a great place to make friends because everyone's their age and everyone's doing the same thing. I think it's it's really a open environment even for families. Even the parents don't quite know about the sport or even about shooting, everyone is very open and willing to help you out. Athletes can use team gear to get your feet wet and try it out before you really jump in but I think it's a very open door for new families."

As a parent and coach, was it like going through the SSSF Action Shooting Sports Coach Training?

Jenell Jackley: "Everyone did their own their own online portion and then the range day was fun. I was probably the least confident but it helped me too. I do more of the administrative part of the coaching, so the experience actually built up my confidence to go out on the range. I think it really helped to learn about about the program more in general, the whole organizational aspect and how it sort of builds and can help become the next step for other things. It really made us look outside of our local club. Since taking the course, we've actually encouraged a lot of our parents on our team to become coaches rather than just volunteers. They've taken the entire program all the way through the field course and we now have eight coaches total for our team instead of just one coach. The parent involvement has been huge and it's really helped gain their confidence and understanding what their kids are doing and shooting so it's sort of brought the whole family out on the range."

As a parent, how have you seen Abby grow since joining the program?

"I've really seen her confidence grow. From just being one of the athletes on the team, to then being a junior coach... She's been proud of what she's done and I think she sort of drug us along with her but it's been a fun adventure!"

SSSF Announces Rasmussen as SCTP National Director

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) names Wayne Rasmussen as National Director of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). Mr. Rasmussen was selected to lead the SSSF's youth development program with over thirteen years of experience in youth shooting sports as a parent, coach and state advisor.

"My involvement with the SSSF began when my daughters competed in both the clay target and action shooting programs. My passion for growing youth shooting sports participation rests in the belief that the SSSF's youth development programs instill good sportsmanship, competitiveness, cooperation, teamwork, and high moral character."

Rasmussen looks forward to building on the strong foundation already in place at SSSF and growing the Scholastic Clay Target Program across the country. "I believe there is great potential for growth in youth shooting sports. Having a program that encourages athletes, trains coaches, and builds lasting partnerships with industry leaders is key to the continued success of the SSSF/SCTP/SASP."

“We were fortunate to have over 50 applicants for our SSSF position," stated Rick Leach, President and Executive Director of the SSSF. We interviewed six and Wayne’s passion for youth shooting sports shined through. We are very excited for Wayne to join our staff and continue to improve and grow our program.”

With Wayne’s experience in running large-scale shooting sports events, leading coach certification trainings and systems management we are excited for him to take the helm. His previous involvement ranges from introducing new athletes to the sport all the way to coaching seasoned athletes in Olympic disciplines. Rasmussen's leadership will propel the Scholastic Clay Target Program and the SSSF as a whole into the 2024 shooting sports season.

2023 All Scholastic Team List

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is proud to announce the 2023 All Scholastic Team. The All Scholastic Team recognizes achievements of student athletes in the shooting sports for their accomplishments in the classroom, in their communities and on the range.

Team members are featured in the National Championship program book, are listed on the All Scholastic Team banner at the 2023 National Championships, and are presented with a certificate and pin.






“In the beginning they couldn’t have had any success without Scott and Lisa Poet-the Michigan State Directors,” said Blaine’s mother, Lori Simpson. “They held our hands and showed us the way, and really set Aaron and Blaine up for the success that followed.  Aaron and Blaine usually compete for the top spot at the SASP National Championships in Iron & Optic Rifle, and have continued to be the Ohio State Rifle Cup Champions year-after-year.  Aaron and Blaine shot 3-position air rifle for a while in the winter months, and then a year ago at the SASP National Championships Rick Leach-SASP Director, introduced Blaine to Vladimir Chichkov, and precision air pistol.  With the support of SASP, Rick Leach, James Hall and Jim Henderson, Blaine started competing in air pistol. James Hall, SASP Director of Development, made sure Blaine had a pistol to get started, and has been a constant resource to Blaine. Jim Henderson-Director Cardinal Shooting Center, introduced Blaine to an electronic target and let Blaine shoot an electronic target once a week at the Cardinal Center.  Blaine now has a primitive air range set up in the basement and he has everyone on speed dial when he needs coaching tips, encouragement and moral support.”

“When SASP started our international disciplines just under 2 years ago, we were met with some naysayers, said SASP National Director, Rick Leach. “We were told just because our athletes can shoot fast, doesn’t mean they will be able to shoot accurately and with precision. Our response was we have extremely talented athletes with a lot of drive and determination, and they can do anything they put their minds to. They love pressing triggers and competing and we need to open as many doors as we can to provide opportunities for our athletes to be successful.”

“I have had the great opportunity to mentor Blaine, said James Hall, Olympian and SASP Director of Development. “He’s a very attentive athlete and has focused on his goals and made significant improvements in the last year.  I tease that one of my goals for him and other rising SASP athletes is to replace me on the podium!”

“The competitive shooting community has truly become his shooting family,” said Lori Simpson. “SASP has encouraged Blaine and Aaron to pursue their goals and dream big!  Blaine has made so many lifelong friendships, and everyone is always rooting for one another.  The shooting community wants success for youth athletes both on and off the range.  We are so proud of his success.  Blaine hopes his most recent two Gold Medals at the 2023 Junior Olympic Pistol Championships, and being named to the Junior World Championship teams is just the beginning.  He can’t wait to represent the United States on an international stage.”

Collector’s Firearm Estate to Benefit Youth Shooting Sports

In 2022, the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation was gifted a large estate of firearms and other military collector's pieces with the intention to be auctioned off, with proceeds to provide scholarship funds for SASP and SCTP athletes. Now being prepared for auction, these items will be available for live online auction, as well as the opportunity to bid in-person on April 22, 23, 29, 30th and May 13 & 14th 2023.

Over 250 items are available as part of the auction, including Military Guns, Pistols, Long Arms, Colt, Remington, Springfield, Ruger, Walther, Luger, M1 Garands, Tanker, 100s of American & Foreign Bayonets, Reloading Supplies, Tooling and Reloading Tools, Ammo and much more!

Click the auction flyer below for more details and online bidding links! Online bidding is currently underway and will set the prices for the day of auction!

Making a charitable gift through your will or estate plans is a simple and impactful way to support our youth of tomorrow. There are many ways to support Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation in your will, ranging from bequests, to gift annuities, to gifts, and retirement plan assets. Each gift supports getting more kids out participating in shooting sports. For more information on planned giving, please visit our website: https://sssfonline.org/donate/

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