SCTP Nationals FAQs

What endowments are available to teams?
    SCTP will award $450,000 in team endowments at this event, based on position of teams' finish. A complete breakdown of endowment awards will be posted in the main building.
How long do I have to pay from the time I register my squads?
    You have 10 days to pay. After that, your reserved times will be released and available to others.
When are the award ceremonies?
    Thursday, July 17 (Skeet, Sporting Clays, Handicap Trap, Trap Doubles) and Saturday, July 19 (Trap and Skeet Doubles)
When does Nationals registration close?
    Online registration closes July 11, 2014. After that time, contact Amanda Wondrash,, 262-939-6664, to inquire about registration.
Does a coach have to be with his/her team at all times?
    A registered coach must be with any team or athlete who is competing. When athletes are on the premises, playing side events, watching competition, etc., but not competing, the coach does not have to accompany them.
If I bump up an athlete in classification for Nationals, can she be in that class next year, or does she have to advance to the next class?
    She will shoot in the division she would have normally been in if she had not been bumped up.

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