Range Time Quiz: Dress Code

SCTP t-shirt
SSSF tshirt art250Congratulations to Mark Brown, winner of last week’s Range Time quiz drawing! Mark answered our question correctly and was drawn as the winner of a National Championship t-shirt from the Great Outdoors Company. Last week’s question and possible answers:
    Which of the following items of clothing IS allowed in competition, according to the SCTP-SPP dress codes?
    • Tank top
    • Shorts 5 inches above the knees
    • T-shirt with beer brand logo
    • Cut-off t-shirt
    • Low-riding shorts
    • Sleeveless shirt
The correct answer is Shorts 5 inches above the knees. SCTP and SPP dress codes were established both to ensure that participants are presenting a positive image and for safety. Remember, when you are shooting (or coaching or serving in another volunteer capacity) you are representing yourself, your family, your team, your sponsoring organization, and the entire SCTP-SPP organization. Dressing appropriately goes a long way toward creating a positive impression with others. Among the prohibited items of clothing are tank tops, short shorts (more than 6 inches above the knee), cut-off t-shirts, low-riding shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals, halter tops, pants revealing undergarments or buttocks, or any type of clothing adorned with references to alcohol, tobacco, sexual connotations, drugs, gambling, or profanity. Watch next week’s Range Time newsletter for another quiz question and your chance to win a prize.

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