Nearly 2,700 Youth Compete at SASP/SCTP Nationals

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program National Championships were conducted July 14-21 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio. Youth from 26 states participated in the eight day event with 2,692 competitors putting over one million rounds down range. Highlights of the week-long event included Wednesday evening’s Opening Ceremonies, Thursday's pizza party, Friday's ice cream social and college recruiting day plus the filming of a major motion picture about our sport! Scholastic Clay Target Program competition events included 16 yard trap, handicap trap, trap doubles, skeet, skeet doubles, sporting clays and bunker trap. SCTP Award Ceremonies for Skeet and Sporting Clays were held on Thursday evening and for Trap, Skeet Doubles and High Over All on Saturday. SCTP Main Event H.O.A. results: 1st Place - Lake Oconee Shotgun Team (Georgia) – 2,112 2nd Place - Forest City Juniors (Georgia) – 2,106 3rd Place – Central Georgia Elite Shooters (Georgia) – 2,103 4th Place - North Scott Trap Team (Iowa) - 2,102 5th Place - PC Eagles (Iowa) - 2,074 SCTP High School H.O.A. results: 1st Place - North Scott Trap Team (Iowa) – 2,865 2nd Place – PC Eagles (Iowa) – 2,791 3rd Place – Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team (Texas) – 2,781 4th Place - Union Grove Broncos Shooting Club (Wisconsin) - 2,757 5th Place - Marquette Hiltoppers Trap Team (Wisconsin) - 2,744 Complete results for the 2018 SCTP National Championships available here: The Scholastic Action Shooting Program events included competition in rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, rifle optics, rifle iron sights, 1911 and pistol caliber carbine (PCC).  Award Ceremonies were held on Saturday evening and for the 5th year in a row the Lake Country Action Shooters of Wisconsin won the Senior Division of Centerfire Pistol! Centerfire Pistol - Senior Division results: 1st Place - Lake Country Action Shooters -186.36 2nd Place – Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club – 207.66 3rd Place – Arnold Junior shooters Red – 230.16 Other notable results for the SASP Rifle Competitions included two athletes, Ethan Inocando and Nate Gibson, who shot sub 30 second match times, which has never been done before at the SASP National Championships. Optics Rifle Men results: 1st Place - Ethan Inocando (South Texas Shooters) - Senior/Varsity- 29.06 2nd Place - Nate Gibson (Steel Shooters of Traer) -  Intermediate/Advanced  - 29.68 3rd Place – Holdon Perez – South Texas Shooters - 30.92 Complete results for the 2018 SASP National Championships available here: The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Action Shooting Program introduced a new event at this year’s National Championships – the Top Gun Challenge. Over the years SCTP and SASP watched the steady increase in athletes shooting multiple disciplines in both their programs at nationals. They wanted to find a way to recognize the commitment and stamina these athletes have shown competing in so many events, over the course of the week. CZ-USA, a large sponsor of both SCTP and SASP graciously offered to sponsor the top prize for the winner. CZ-USA donated a Shotgun, a Rifle and a Pistol to SCTP/SASP and awarded all three prizes to the winners. Top Gun Winners: Tom Keeshan - North Scott Trap Team (Iowa) - Rookie/Intermediate/Varsity Division Mark Beardsley  -  Mason Dixon Shooters (Pennsylvania) - College Division View complete Top Gun standings here Side competitions held during the week included Make a Break and Last Competitor Standing. Make a Break Winner, Todd Hitch of the William Blount Shooting Team, received the Grand Prize, a Blaser F16 Sporting Shotgun donated by Double Guns of Nashville. The first of two Last Competitor Standing Competitions was held Wednesday evening following the Opening Ceremonies. Over 550 athletes stood shoulder to shoulder and competed for the title of Champion in the Men’s, Ladies and Collegiate Divisions. The second competition was held on Friday night. Winners received custom championship belt buckles and the Men’s and Ladies Division winners won SKB IS300 or Beretta A300 shotguns. Be sure to mark your calendars for the 2019 SCTP and SASP National Championships for July 13-20 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Ohio!

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