2015-2016 SASP Virtual Match Series Results

sasp-logoThe 2015-2016 SASP Virtual Match Series entries have been entered and reviewed.  We want to say thank you to all the teams that participated. This year we wanted to be able to offer more teams the opportunity to receive Team Endowment funding to their MidwayUSA Foundation accounts for participating, so we had the results calculated based on the Lewis class system of dividing the divisions into two groups. The following teams will be receiving Team Endowment funding to their MidwayUSA Foundation account:
Gaston Young Guns$10,000
Crew 401 – Pine Tree Council$2,000
YSSA Steel Smashers$15,250
University of Florida Practical Pistol$4,500
Adams State University Shooting Club$4,250
Team LoCo Motion$5,250
Michigan State Shooting Club$3,750
Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club$13,500
WWCCA Straight Shooters$5,750
Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League$3,000
Mason Dixon$2,000
Pistol Prodigies1,500
Okaloosa Post 543$750
Leon County Post #15, Lead Slingers$1,500
For a look at the scores, please visit our website www.sssfonline.org. If your team did not send in scores last year, please consider participating in the virtual match series this year.  With the Lewis classing anyone can potentially win; you don’t have to be the fastest time. The new target year began September 1 so that means we are in a new Virtual Match Series and we are accepting scores for this year’s match. Don’t forget that we will be selecting a random monthly drawing for those teams that submit their score sheets for matches they shoot each month. Congratulations everyone.  

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