SASP National Championship Scholarship Fund Donation




To donate to the SASP National Championship Scholarship Fund, simply add this product to your cart. Thank you for supporting youth shooting sports athletes with much-needed scholarships!

To further support the SASP National Championship Scholarship Fund, we will be holding an adult shoot on Tuesday, 7/13/21 and Thursday, 7/15/21, during the SASP Nationals in Marengo, OH.  The match will start at approximately 5:00PM.  The match will be limited to 72 entries per day. Results from this side match can be submitted for the MidwayUSA Foundation's 2021 Hometown Challenge to provide additional fundraising opportunities to your favorite SASP team.

Match fee is $40 per discipline. To sign up, donate to the Scholarship fund through this product and signup for the match at this practiscore link: